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Hi and welcome to my website. I'm Scott Lockwood. I'm a 35 year veteran of radio and television broadcasting offering a variety of valuable media services for the business community for radio television and the internet.

Since 1989 my company, Scott Lockwood Media, has helped launch some of the world's biggest and most successful radio and television stations. Today my company owns radio stations. We also represent radio stations in a variety of ways. In addition to broadcast ownership we can help you establish a presence on the web with a striking website as well as provide for effective web campaigns and SEO. In 2015 we will host the first annual Radio Station Florida Weekend Workshop for a total of 100 world wide broadcasters. So whether you need a website, own a radio station that will fit into our network or just need professional marketing assistance, we will help you position your company to succeed in both popularity and profit. Take a look around, then give me a call personally to discuss your interests, needs and unique situation. My contact phone number is below and I welcome your call.

Lockwood Media Mission Our Mission is simple: To help you create, produce and execute media that's both powerful and compelling. Whether it's Radio, Television, or an Internet Website, Scott Lockwood will help you produce brilliant media that makes money. Call to discuss your unique situation today. 714-241-1111.


Client Service
The 909 PI Private Investigation
Armando Zatarain Investigations Private Investigation
Daniel Cota Law Offices Attoney at Law
Frank Fisher - Der Radiobear Personal Radio Site
Gulf Coast Sky Media Advertising Agency
LApi.tv Video Directory
MeinTrainer24.com Health & Fitness
Melendez & Associates Private Investigation
Missing Children International Non Profit
PGI Executives Private Investigation & Celebrity Security
Ron Yoast Lawncare and Landscaping Lawn Care and Profesional Landscaping
Radio Verkehrsflieger Air Traffic Radio Service
Virtual Perfection Home Automation

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Client Service
xxxRock.fm Internet Hard Rock & Metal Radio/Worldwide (Owner)
Smokin' FM Internet Country Radio/Worldwide (Rep)
The Radio Group Terrestrial Radio Station Cluster/Germany


Client Service
1-2-3.tv Shopping Channel / Munich Germany
Citi TV TV Station / Saarbruecken Germany

Scott Lockwood Media accepts all major credit and debit cards, plus Paypal and a pay by E-Mail service.

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Scott Lockwood is an experienced media consultant serving North America and Central Europe. Please follow and join him at the social networking sites below. Scott welcomes your phone calls, too. To learn more about Scott's overall experience click here..


There are three ways to get in touch. Phone, E-Mail and Skype.

USA: 714-241-1111
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